Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, David McCaughan.

Apologies: Robert Parks

Minutes from previous meeting: minutes were approved.

Finance and Fundraising:

Account balances:
General: £11083.95
Soar Head: £365
Social: 3769.37

RP to share how far along the year’s accounts are and to have them ready for next meeting. Work out an estimate of spending from now to May, when subscriptions come in to see what we have to spend.

Upcoming larger expenditures expected to include the replacement of the landing stage, (A quote of £8000 as a maximum has been received) date to be confirmed, as and when time comes available and the weather is drier and more settled.

Old Soar Head account has remaining balance in it to be transferred after account has been signed over. SW to speak with Pete Kinnell and Zoe Hudson.

East Midlands Airport Community Fund, up to £2000. Worth investigating again to see what we can get for equipment. Next meeting deadline for fund is 24th April

Rowing and Facilities:

Second hand lighting for boat shed and potentially the bar refurbishment is expected with a new member, who will hopefully fit the lighting along with the extractor fans.

The catamaran has been fixed and has returned, cost of £550.

Sunny Jim has also returned.

General club maintenance is ongoing, the veranda steps are being repaired/replaced by SW. Look into organising a work weekend as weather picks up and jobs can get completed outside.

Kitchen window: KH to get a quote for a window, existing window need replacing, one which opens for ventilation and built in fly net is required.

Old club photos, all photos to be scanned into computer for a digital archive and organise chronologically. Use the two walls in the end room to display select photos.

DW, DMc, SW and RD to orchestrate.

New generic photos depicting “the spirit of rowing” to be chosen and mounted behind acrylic. Project paused until existing photos are sorted out and budget for frames is agreed on.

Seating. Long section is now complete, Adam to be contacted by KH to arrange payment. Tub chairs, Tom Scholefield to get quote from his contact after which a final decision will be made. KH to chase up.

Articles for the Loughborough Echo raised, recently we haven’t had much to report, chase up with Kate.

Existing membership is reasonable, current lack of attendance due to winter season, expecting consistent numbers to increase as season changes. Looking to encourage and support crews to get more consistent boats training. This given, we still certainly have capacity to take on new members, across the board: junior to masters, competitive and social.

Learn to row course booked in starting Monday 13th April, reassess membership after the course depending on uptake.

Remaining poplars and willow to be taken down, looking at around 4 weeks’ time, an estimate of £300. RP to check funds are available.

It has come to notice that with the muddy field, insides of boats are getting messed up, please clean insides as well as hull. Email to be sent by DMc.

Digital and interval timer to be purchased for the gym, easy to read and a great aid for circuit training. Olympic weights bar thread, check to see if it can be repaired replacement if not. SW and MC to oversee

Investment of a projector for club, use in gym for linking up ergs and use in club room for events and entertainment. SW to forward details to attach with minutes.

Coaching Welfare and Safety:

Swim test was completed on Sunday 15th February, good attendance.

Junior attendance over winter has been good with a solid core sticking with it throughout, hoping to push forward into the new season, looking promising.

Email to be sent to encourage the use of hi-vis in morning sessions to aid visibility.

Licence fee for boating through Canal and River Trust to be looked into and a definitive figure found. SW to address.

Social Activities and Events:

Plenty of enquiries are still coming through.

Next event booked in is a 21st on 19th June.

Provisional date for annual dinner as 18th April, to be confirmed. To be hosted in house, SM to organise catering.

Website and Communications:

Website to be kept up to date more often, all regatta and head dates to be added in, KH to provide events to DMc to add to fill out calendar.

Private boat form has been added online for insurance details and confirmation via check box that relevant club rules section are read and understood. Gill has been contacted and will be live for the 2015/2016 season.

SW to send on risk assessment and safety plan for DM to add to members area of website.

Additional to learn to row course, aim to attract people who have previously rowed to entice back into the sport. Page on website has been created.

External Meetings:

KH to email around relevant notes from latest regional meeting.


Account auditing, KH to ask Christine Agar.

RP to be asked for full state of the accounts.

Provisional date week commencing 26th April, for 8pm start. To be confirmed once all material and finance is confirmed.

Membership review, expect membership to remain the same for next season as with inflation, however dependant on expected outgoings, and any fee issued by Canal and River Trust could mean a small increase.

DMc to open ‘Rowers’ Rower’ award and email club to notify members.

Any Other Business:

Clubmark: almost there, year plan and an individual coaching session has been asked for and SW has compiled both.

KH Child Welfare and Safety certificate has been sorted. SW to work with Jen Smith to give it a push along and get ClubMark finalised.

KH has spoken to estates manager for field adjacent to ours in respect for next year’s head race, although crops will be in by then we are welcome to use the field for trailers.

Next Meeting: Thursday 26th March 2015 6:30PM