Each time before going afloat rowers, captains or coaches must assess whether it is safe to do so, especially so at night.  Weather condition such as fog and rain can dramatically increase the already heightened level of risk of rowing in the dark.

Navigating the river Soar at night (low light) should never be undertaken lightly and should only be attempted by the experienced.

Always make sure that someone knows your travel plans (by using the boating out book) and if possible train as part of a group.


Under all conditions of reduced visibility by night and day the wearing of high visibility vests and the adorning of boats and the shafts of oars/paddles with reflective tape to enhance visibility are very strongly recommended.


Ensure that your boat is positioned on the correct side of the river so that it can be easily observed when on the water by other crews and vessels.


Lights mounted in the number plate slot on the bow and atop the rudder yoke in the stern.

If mounting the light directly onto the hull ensure that it is not hidden by the saxboards.

Lights can also be mounted on a pole on the stern behind the cox or in the bow in front of a steersman – although care must be taken to conserve night vision with this system. LED sticks on the back of the cox or bowman are also a useful, although only as an addition to the main lighting system.


Head Torches – the movement of your head ensures it can not be seen  from all directions.

Using only one light – unless it is on a pole that is higher than your head.

Lights with Low Batteries – a failing or weak light is worse than nothing as it can give you a false sense of security. Please check the store cupboard for spares or notify the Boat House Manager should replacements need to be ordered.

Going Solo – the more people there are in a tight group the more likely you are to be spotted.

Dark Clothing – a black/dark compression top may well be warm
but it can also make you invisible to other traffic. Try to wear lighter or reflective clothing where possible.