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SW gave thanks to MC for all the work and time she had put into drafting the bulk of the agreement.

Mike Bushell from Soaring Dragons was invited to speak briefly about Dragon Boating and Soaring Dragons themselves.
Mike has been involved in dragon boating for 30+ years and two years ago, Mike and three others set up Soaring Dragons in Barrow upon Soar. Then there were only the four members and over time numbers have grown to where they are now, at twenty-six.
Dragon boating is a fully inclusive sport for people from all backgrounds and is not just something that is done by companies for fundraising events, there are national leagues at which clubs, including SD, regularly compete. Within the club, there are members who train and race at different levels, including one sixteen-year-old who is aiming for GB trials.

MC mentioned that there are a number of similarities between the two clubs, how they both operate and the relationships within them and that it is from this commonality that discussions have been allowed to progress. Going forward, providing acceptance of the agreement, LBC hope to fully integrate SD into the social side of the Club and the facilities.
While the agreement looks extensive, this is to ensure that all required points are highlighted in clear terms such that, in years to come, the agreement is still explicit should it come to an end and none of the original draftees are involved in the parting of the clubs.

SW gave and overview of the agreement highlighting that the first year will be a trial and give either club the ability to walk away from it or amend it. Additionally, there will be quarterly meetings between the clubs to discuss progress.

Questions from the floor.

TH raised the point to include in explicit terms to the effect that should the agreement dissolve, both clubs will retain their own assets, and any outstanding fees are to be paid in full within a set number of days.
This point was agreed to be voted on before acceptance of the agreement.

MB and SD affiliates were asked to leave.

Further questions were asked for from LBC members without the MB’s presence.

Questions arising:

What will they do about boat numbering and river fees?
This will be up to SD to sort and provide evidence.

Do they pay a membership fee?
They will pay a fee equivalent in price to the LBC gym membership, this is NOT a gym membership, the fee was chosen as it reflects fairly on what they will receive from LBC while being hosted here. With this they will become social members too. The club will also pay a hosting fee, primarily for the storage of boats and equipment which will be five hundred pounds pro rata up to 30th April 2019 and then reflect the LBC rate thereafter.

What is the split between seniors and juniors?
Currently twenty-six members, of which six are juniors.

Will they use the full stretch of river?
It is likely that they will make the full use of the river. They have also said that they may try exploring the other way, under the County Bridge.

How would an influx of LBC members affect our ability to host SD?
There is highly unlikely to be a negative impact, hosting SD will not affect our ability to increase in numbers or develop as a club. The times that have been agreed on by both clubs negate this issue.
Additionally, by being a multi-sport centre, it can help when it comes to applying for grants.

Do they hold their own events similar to the Head of the Soar?
The only events the hold will be informal and SD are limited to a number of these each year. Notice is also to be given about these thirty days in advance.

What happens should SD want to row or LBC members, dragon boat?
As per LBC rules, SD members would only be allowed a maximum of two free taster sessions before being asked to pay a full rowing membership. As for the reverse of this, that would be up to SD to set a fee.

What happens if SD’s membership increases greatly?
It is up to LBC to guide their membership numbers and ensure it manageable for both clubs. Again, any increase should not have a negative effect on LBC due to the agreed upon training times.

What would happen if SD numbers increase to an extent that they leave, what economic impact is there form this?
The impact will be managed as there is the requirement for SD to give a minimum of twelve months’ notice should they wish to leave, giving LBC a year to take stock of accounts.

How will we know whose equipment belongs to which club?
When the agreement is signed, SD will also be asked for a current inventory of everything that SD will have at LBC.

Vote on accepting the points made by TH, subject to exact wording being drawn up.
Votes for: twenty-one
Votes against: zero
Abstains: zero

Amendments were accepted.

Vote to accept the agreement:
Votes for: twenty
Votes against: zero
Abstains: one

The agreement was accepted.

Safety briefing (SW).

Each year British Rowing collates all incidents reports that it receives and looks over what has happened. By far the greatest result of an incident is “not keeping a good look out”. Taking this into consideration, BR have update their RowSafe guidelines to include being more conspicuous when on the water for clubs to make their rowers aware of:

“Instructions to rowers to be conspicuous and wear high-visibility clothing at all times when afloat other when they are required to wear club kit during competitions.”

This guideline is not one that LBC will make a club rule but expect club members to be self-regulating on this topic.
Additionally, a reminder to call “ahead” whenever you see another boat on the water is highly advised and to ensure that you respond likewise when hearing “ahead”.

Notice of Club Open Forum: Saturday 20th January.

End of Meeting.