Extraordinary General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club incorporating the Extraordinary General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club Social Club

Saturday 7th January 2017, 10am.

Chair: Don Wix

Apologies: Robert Parks, Emma Heygate, Jeff Hallam, Ian Hepworth.

Present: 27 members

Opening comments:

Although we had hoped to have this by the end of July last year, but with a number of issues showing themselves it as unfortunately taken a longer time to complete. They are however now fully verified and thanks goes to both Scott Ferris and Robert Parks for their continued hard work and effort in organising them. Work has also been made on the headings under which expenditures fall creating more specific headings and comparability. Although the Soar Head operates out of the general account, the event itself has had accounts produced.


More comparable breakdowns have been drawn up, for example fuel has been split into that used for towing to events, the launches and other requirements. Looking back to the 2014 accounts, the expense around the trailer are less specific than 2015 onwards. This was left as it was to save unnecessary time being spent on extracting all the information that was not worth the end result. the accounts from 2015 onwards will feature all of the same headings, more accurately produced.

It is noted that external events this year have made a great impact on our state of affairs; we are considerably more financially better off (by around £10000) than we were this time last year. if we did not have the events to raise these funds, the extra income would have to come from alternative sources: subscription increase.

The awareness that the club is only just approving the 2014 accounts was noted and that the committee need to be accepting that it is with them that the issues lie. There was no disagreement.

Considering the expenditure on the truck from 2014, the question concerning the given expense not being clear was raised. This issue was cleared up through the discussion of the extent to which each item could be broken out and the time given to it. The time to fully account for all expenditures would not justify the time spent on the activity.

Following this, a justification over the increase in trailer fees from £5 to £7 was sought and given. The previous sum of £5 is long standing and given the price of fuel in recent years and being conscious that money is being put away towards a new club truck, the increase of trailer fee was acceptable.

KH and MC have started on a long term spending plan for the club taking into consideration what needs to be done and what might need to be done.

The state of affairs with how the social club was raised; the social club was set up originally to be distinctly separate from the boat club should anything happen to the social club monetarily, there would be no repercussions to the boat club. With this, a distinctly separate account was required. It was asked: why is this not the case today?

In response, the points given were, firstly, there has been a change in the licence holder a number of years previously; the licence is now in the name of ‘Loughborough boat Club’ not a named person. Secondly, the social accounts themselves, although presented at the same time as the other club accounts, are presented as their own set and are not combined with any other.

The action to read through the Loughborough Boat Club and Social Club rules was given to committee to see if anything needs changing in light of the license change. Additionally, checking for any archaic rules all also be completed and should there be any changes required, these will be brought forward at the next AGM.

Kevin Carswell put forth the motion to approve the accounts, 23 members in favour, 0 against.

2017 Club Management Scheme:

Keith Hudson introduced a club management scheme with a view to approving at the next AGM.

A note from Keith:

After being a member of Loughborough Boat Club for 35 years, I have seen a lot change in some aspects and others remain on the whole very much the same. Also during this time I have gained a lot of experience in helping with the running of the club and taken on a number of responsibilities within the club. As time goes on I have less spare time to give to the club and there comes a time when members need to take an active role in the running of their club. We are not a leisure centre or a gym where there is a maintenance team making sure everything runs as it should. The expansion of the club has been a great strength to its members.

The scheme consist of a number of roles around the club in varying areas from general housekeeping to coaching and fundraising opportunities.

A full draft list of roles can be found at the end of these minutes.

Don Wix reflected on the building of the gym and changing room extension. The extension itself could simply not have happened had it not been for all of the club’s members helping out in some capacity. It would be welcomed that the club returns to this mindset of lending a hand.

Date of Next Meeting:

The next committee meeting has been provisionally set for Thursday 16th February 2017

Any suggested agenda points to be passed on to any committee member.

End of Meeting