Development Plan 2013-2018

(agreed by LBC Committee 19 March 2013)

Development Plans
Development Teams


This plan sets out our vision and key aims for the Club over the next five years in order to inform and guide decision making.

Our Vision

To encourage participation in the sport of rowing and support all members in achieving their personal goals in the sport.


Membership and Beginners

1. Retain existing members by meeting the needs and aspirations of both competitive and non-competitive members

2. Agree a sustainable membership capacity for different groups, review this annually, and seek to recruit to that capacity

3. Provide all those new to the club with an induction program and introduce beginners, both juniors and adults, in a controlled and steady way through beginner courses and a planned process of integration

4. Attract experienced rowers as new members

Coaching and Coxing

5. Attract and develop coxes and support members to achieve appropriate BR coxing awards

6. Provide appropriate coaching at all levels and support members to achieve appropriate BR coaching awards

7. Investigate and access external support available through sports development networks including British Rowing

Safety and Welfare

8. Maintain high standards of safety by identifying and addressing any safety issues and by developing a culture where members are encouraged to understand their duty of care, recognise and address risks, and learn from incidents

9. Maintain high standards of welfare for all members and in particular Juniors, through adherence to the Club’s rules, codes of conduct and BR’s welfare guidance

10. Achieve and maintain Clubmark accreditation

Estate and Equipment Management

11. Maintain building and site to ensure it meets the needs of the Club

12. Ensure the range of boats and equipment meet club needs through development of a disposal and acquisition programme based on annual assessment of needs

13. Ensure that boats and equipment are in good condition through development of maintenance & repair programme based on a regular condition audit

Fundraising and Events

14. Investigate and apply for grants to assist with funding of equipment, estates etc

15. Continue to develop a programme of social and other events which raise funding for the Club

16. Continue to run the Soar Head and consider development of second event to replace the Regatta


17. Communicate regularly and effectively with all members and supporters

18. Encourage all members, including non-rowing members, and parents of juniors to participate in and contribute to club activities and events

19. Seek mutually beneficial arrangements with other clubs

Finances and Forward Planning

20. Operate a balanced annual budget whilst setting aside sufficient funds for major premises and equipment costs through an annually reviewed five year plan

Process to achieve aims

Teams made up of committee members and other club members. as needed, will be identified for each theme. Each team will make an assessment of where we currently are and where we ought to be, and then identify a series of actions needed to achieve this plus associated timeframes. These will be discussed by the Committee and once agreed will be shared with all Club members. Progress against these actions will then be monitored by the Committee and overall progress against the Development Plan will be reviewed annually.

Volunteers from beyond the committee are therefore sought to contribute to the formation of actions for each of the themes. Team membership will be captured and made available to club members for information.

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