Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson.

Apologies: Tim Ives

Minutes from previous meeting: Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

The petrol tank from the cat. has been swapped for one like the Dory’s, this now fits upright with the other one in the Grey cupboard. A suitable location to move the cupboard needs to be chosen.

Samples for club ties and bowties have been received and an order for a small stock of them has been placed. In the order is a mixture of ties, self-tie bowties and pre-tied bowties. They should be ready to purchase, though Stuart, early in the new year.


         General: £31,303.43
         Savings: £11,290.20
         Social: £409.79 (+£838.55 in new social)

After previous discussion about the Club’s liability insurance, the decision to go ahead with the British Rowing recommended provider was made. While there is a discount for having a minimum of 75% of Club members being BR members too, the discount is only around £30 and the overall policy is still cheaper than alternatives; the closest was £100 more. As before, this policy covers a greater range of scenarios including: all fundraising events at the Club or away from it, professional indemnity and member-member incidents. MC to sort, RH to be copied in for documents and payments respectively.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

The feedback from the demo CoxOrb unit was largely very positive with this, committee has agreed to purchase one of the full-featured platinum models, arrange order and payment.

KH put forward a proposal that he would work his way through the sculling boats in the Boathouse to check them all for their worthiness, order and replace parts that are needed, set up the rigging of the boats and blades in order to bring up all the boats to a good standard for safety and, when the Boathouse Manager position is filled, there is a good platform to move forward from.

This work will need a formal written quote putting in from KH and other quotes will be sought after for a comparison to ensure that committee are being open with the whole club about the proceedings.

The new, post-BRIC, Model D erg with PM5 has arrived at the club, there may or may not be tinsel on it still. With this addition to the fleet of ergs, one of the older model Cs will shortly be put up for sale in the club for all members to express their interest. There will be a deadline after which the erg will be sold. Email to be sent and notice to be put up.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

The Club’s safety audit has been completed and there a few small actions which we need to address soon, but overall, we are on top of things and have all the correct documentation. One action was to update our emergency procedures plan in line with the new BR RowSafe guidelines. Contact Jeff on this matter.


This year’s Christmas Dinner went well, everyone seemed to be having a good time and, as ever, the food was wonderful.

Coming up, there is an event on 27th January. Nothing too big but will be good to start the year ahead of all the wedding requests. There has been one enquiry already for a 2019 wedding.

Summer Ball.

It was put forward that we hold a summer ball in 2018, it has been a number of years since the Club last held one. With this in mind, a Ball Organising Committee will need to be formed as soon as possible to give the maximum amount of time to organise everything. Emails and signs will go around for members to put their names down to help. A poll will also be created for members to decide on what they want from the ball, essentially; cheap and cheerful or more fully embellished. The difference being £20/head up to £45/head as an example.

Dependent on the vote at the EGM, committee felt it would be a good move to hold a mixer/welcome event for Soaring Dragons. Details of this will follow but could be a winter BBQ, bring-a-dish or other. By holding a mixer, it will help both clubs get to know each other and not be two separate entities that just happen to operate out of the same club.

External meetings:

Regional Safety Meeting

A few key points at the last regional safety meeting came up, one of those is that there is a push to be conspicuous on the water, be seen and heard. The Safety Committee has added “wear high-visibility clothing at all times when afloat” to the guidelines. As a club, the majority of members are really good at this and the in-club adoption of high-vis clothing has gone well.

A second point is that all launches need a capacity/weight plate. SW will arrange a time to test both launches with willing volunteers.

The RNLI are offering free life vest/jacket checks, again SW to look into nearest place and to take LBC life vests for testing.

A final point regarded fire safety and fire drills, how often do we have drills and does everyone know where to muster. With this, MC will check with Kev about increasing the number of air horns, as fire alarms, that we have in the club and the best positioning for them.


EGM has been rearranged for Saturday 6th January, 10am. Also on the agenda will be a brief safety notice covering new RowSafe guidelines and the importance of reporting incidents.

An open forum will be held on Saturday 20th January, 10am.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 23rd January, 6.30pm

End of meeting