Present: Mary Carswell Chair, Nick Maker, Zoe Hudson, Dave McCaughan, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Jen Smith, Kate Henry, Jeff Hallam, Tim Ives.

Apologies: Keith Hudson, Dev Tailor, Helen Fairbrother, Adam Fairbrother.

Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising: KH estimates the repair to our landing stage at £1000 approximately but more research is required. DT has brought all club accounts under one umbrella of LBC at Barclays. An email (DMc) is to be sent advising all to sign out and MC requested members be reminded to sign boats out, as this is not being done on all occasions. NM has contacted Anne Hock, secretary of Leicester Rowing Club, regarding their enquiry about “explore rowing”. Discussion as to a combined Loughborough/Leicester event is ongoing. MC is to speak to DT re broadband and arrange for the facility. However, we will not want the answer phone option. ZH has not been able to speak to Victoria Steele about her husband, and the completion of the membership form. Kate H and SW have agreed to review Wednesday night sessions, for juniors, when the lighter nights return. Kate H, SW and KH have decided that up to a maximum of 20 juniors are manageable.

Treasurer Report: DT has provided the committee with his report. ZH and PK are to close the Soar Head account, after all finances are completed, following the Soar Head on 23 November this year. Forms for the new signatories, re the new account also need completing as requested in the email from DT 25 October this year. DT is to resend the email to MC re Application to Rowing Foundation from Loughborough Boat Club as the email address was incorrect. (It is mary.carswell@btinternet.com). The figure to set aside each year in the Trust Fund will be determined by DT and MC when they do the Development Plan – Finances and Forward Planning.

Captain’s Report: KH not present. NM read from a report provided by KH. The report is attached with the minutes. The committee agreed to a maximum spend of £1200 for BBM in light of additional repairs that may be required. The request from KH to send BOC for a refit at the same time as BBM is dependent on what the committee previously agreed. (Note from sec to MC minutes of meeting 22.01.13 read “Other boats are to be refurbished and a budget of up to £2000 was agreed”. Over to you MC). The issue of making financial provision for a new truck will be included in the Development Plan DT/MC. Agreement was given to purchase a “new” ergo either brand new model D, or a second hand one, with low mileage, which we have checked out. The committee discussed the proposed purchase of a 4x-/4- for the crew planning to enter the Wyfold’s Challenge Cup at Henley 2014. Decision reached to use existing boat and equipment and NM/DMc to email members to advise of exclusive use, by the crew, of the boat and blades. Rob Parks is to be invited by TI to join the Development Plan team working on fund raising, in light of his sponsorship suggestions. NM highlighted the need to adhere to British Rowing rules on advertising which SW said are in the Almanack. (NM & SW have copies).

Social Secretary: SM stated that there had been a good fireworks display. The Christmas Dinner will be on Saturday 14th December and it will probably be done in house. An email is to be sent to members. (SM/DMc).

Social Treasurer Report: £5322.78 in the account.

Subscriptions’ Secretary Report: AF had provided NM with his report as neither he nor Helen could be present. We currently have 79 members of which 9 are new. Thomas Lowman, James Remer, Samuel Remer, Nicholas Remer, (what another Nick!) Heidi Janicke, Peter Masey, Holly Barton, Luke Jones (kayak) and Dan waiting for form (kayak).

The subject of Temporary Membership Forms discussed at the meeting has been dealt with by NM.

Safety Officer: JH brought two British Rowing Safety Alerts to the attention of the committee. Boats falling from mobile racking, inside boat houses, and the need to make them secure, so as to avoid injury and, Unusable Throw Lines that had been packed in such a way that made them unserviceable. We need to check our throw lines. (JH/SW). Both Safety Alerts printed by JH will be put on our notice board. (NM).

JH also reminded the committee that it will once again be time for the safety audit.

Junior Coordinator Report: Kate H reported that the juniors are doing well but with no racing there is nothing to report.

Junior Development Progress Report (Clubmark): JS advised the committee that Jeff Elms is no longer involved with Clubmark, and the person to contact is Jo Atkinson whom she has emailed.

Development Plan: Development Plans received from the following teams:
Coaching and Coxing,
Safety and Welfare,
Estate and Equipment Management,

Feedback re Aim, Action needed, and Progress regarding each of the following themes are not yet with NM.
Membership and Beginners,
Fundraising and Events,
Finances and Forward Planning.

In an effort to communicate regularly and effectively with all members and supporters the Communication team will hold an Open Forum on Saturday 30th November at midday. NM is to provide DMc with the wording for an email to notify members.

Web Site & Publicity: Not discussed.

External Committees: Not discussed.

AOB: SW is to speak to KH re all boats being numbered for identification purposes.

SW commented on the gym not being left in a condition to be used by the juniors e.g. glasses being left in the gym, ergs not being returned to the gym.

DMc is to email members re the requirement of a stereo system. If nothing forthcoming, then to purchase, using the remains of the gym equipment fund.

Next Meeting: Thursday 23rd January 2014 at 7.00pm at the Club House.

Please note the next meeting is on a Thursday (not Tuesday) and at 7.00pm (not 8.00pm).