These notes are intended to facilitate the efficient running of the club, through the dissemination of knowledge acquired over the years by long standing club officers

It must be reminded that LBC is an institution run by its membership and does NOT provide a service. It is therefore; expected of every member, to lend a hand in the running of the club and to appreciate, not exploit, the good will and loyalty of the willing.

In conjunction with these notes the newly introduced Club Management Scheme (CMS) will help to facilitate a smoother running of all aspects of the club, which will, in turn, enable all to appreciate and improve our beloved facilities well into the future.

Above all, it is important for everyone to enjoy their rowing, so please be considerate to every one.


Parking: Please be a considerate and efficient parker, particularly in the main car park; always park as if the club is going to be busy.

Parking in the field is welcomed when conditions permit. If soft/wet, parking is only available if the need arises, such as an event.

Please do not obstruct the field entrance with inconsiderate parking!

Gate/bridge parking: please park at an angle to the hedge, not parallel to it – economy of parking!

Housekeeping : Please ensure the continued safety of all members by keeping all thoroughfares clear and free of trip hazards.

Dispose of ALL rubbish in the receptacles provided.

During winter, please try not to bring MUD into the boat house, changing rooms, gym and club house. A change of footwear would be considerate.

Bikes. Please refrain from parking bikes near access points, in particular at the clubhouse entry.

Wellingtons! These are to be stored in the sack at the rear of the boathouse. After use, please ensure they are replaced; any out of place will be ‘tidied-up’ elsewhere!!

Racking: Club boats always have racking priority. Racking of  private boats is at the discretion of the racking sub committee (RSC).

No member should assume a racking space is available if they purchase a new boat, please seek advice from the RSC beforehand.

Private transport racks. These are left at the owners risk and must be stored under the boathouse, towards the rear of the    sculling shed.

Security: Everyone is responsible for the security of our club.

Last person away – switch off lights and secure the building. Please close the gates after you, it acts as a good deterrent to opportunist drive-by thieves!

Please report any damage faults, especially water, electricity or heating as soon as possible!!!!!


Choosing the appropriate boat can never be a written rule, but based on common sense and practicability.

Expertise is the primary factor, but one expert in the boat does not necessarily make it a boat of experts!

RULE OF THUMB –     On land, boat care is priority.

On water, the crew are priority.

The majority of boat damage occurs

  • whilst getting it on/off the rack
  • placing the boat on trestles
  • putting the boat in the water
  • getting the boat out of the water

So to lessen the likelihood of damage to boats, please assess the following issues

  • What experience am I?
  • Have I the permission of the Captain?
  • What experience has the crew?
  • What are the weather/river conditions?
  • Is it a scratch crew?
  • Is the boat of choice in regular use?
  • Will I/we disrupt regular boat use


Booking boats.

If you wish to start sharing a boat, first please make your intentions clear with the ‘regular user’ so that unnecessary confrontation and stress is avoided.

Please stick to regular booking times:-

Evening –   spring & autumn          anytime to dusk

Summer                           anytime to 7:00 pm or 7:00 pm to  dusk

Weekends                                              anytime to 10:00 am

or 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

These times may vary depending on the time of year and demands on individual boats, but communication between users is important.

Boat use:

Refraining from stepping into boats with footwear will extend the use-life of runners and seats AND offer a smoother ride.

Boat storage compartments should only be used for clothing and accessories, NOT footwear, which, more often than not, will dirty the interior and can contaminate the slides, with grit, in the process.

Juniors have priority on boat choice during their coaching sessions during the weekend.

Choice of blades:

Please refer to the charts positioned at the booking out table and blade racks.

As simple as—choosing your boat, selecting your choice of blade and then replacing them as found.

This system enables all to select compatible equipment for a comfortable row.

Signing out boats.

ALL boats; club, private (including canoes) Welbeck and LUSRC owned; have to be signed out and signed in, whether in or out of the club’s normal operating hours.

On the landing stage:

Please organise yourself so as to facilitate an efficient boating from the landing stage, taking extreme caution not to impede returning boats.

Where at all possible give way to those returning.

Show consideration to all crews, but in particular novices, by offering assistance in boating and landing. Many are often too shy to make a request.

Boats: after use:

All boats are to be washed down after use to rid the hull of river contaminants.

Keep the decking, runners and seat wheels clean at all times; remember dirt here will reduce efficiency, add friction and shorten use-life!

Report any problems or faults to the boat house manager, but please be realistic; they are not your laky! Can the fault be fixed easily & quickly by you?

Second outings:

If the boat is not re racked in the boat house, boats should be safely trestled, away from the main boat house access and washing/adjusting apron and preferably in the field away from the central activity area.


During the winter season, there shall be 2 training sessions.

#1             6:30 – 7:30

#2             7:30 – 8:30

  • A prompt change over is not only courteous, but a must!
  • Keep the gym tidy at all times.
  • It would be good practice to have an indoor pair of trainers.
  • To reduce dust, sweep the floor before use.
  • Assemble weights securely and with caution.

Close all windows and external doors directly after use.


  • Keep tidy and clean at all times.
  • Do not leave kit drying on the radiators.
  • Take kit home with you.
  • When available, use/launder/return club towels.
  • Keep the floor clean and dry.


Please give notice, verbal or written, to the Captain of your intention to enter a regatta.

Before entries are made, trailer worthiness and availability must be checked.

An appointed driver must be made, as driver; you are in charge of trailer/boats in loading & transit.

Secondary boat tying must be made on all boats to entrust the safe attachment of the boat in the off chance tie failure occurs.

It is preferable to collect all entry and transport monies before the regatta date, but I do appreciate the acts of human nature and that of the logistics involved.

It would be appreciated for all members to value the efforts of anyone volunteering to organise the logistics of any regatta entry and assist promptly any requests duly made.

When leaving regattas please be very vigilant so as not to leave any equipment. Retrieval of missing items is always tedious and costly, both in money and time.

On return to the club house, the boats must be off-loaded and returned to the boat house and re-rigged ASAP, so as not to hinder future use to other members.