An amazing day for Loughborough Juniors as they raced in force at Bradford, Stuart’s old home club. Having all just moved up an age category, the juniors managed 10 wins out of a possible 14, making it a very proud day for all. All the juniors won at least one heat, and all bar one returned with at least one medal.

Amusement of the day came from the girls’ quad with Beth, Lucy, Emily and Tilda, coxed by Oisin – who rather daftly agreed to let the girls wax his legs if they won. Racing at IM2 they stormed ahead and beat their rivals Bradford – run Oisin run!

Congratulations to all those that managed to get through their first heats; Hannah who beat Leeds, Oisin who also beat Leeds and Cathal who beat Bradford. For the first time we raced some composites with Derwent Rowing Club, allowing some of our juniors who are the only ones in their age categories to be able to race in doubles – something we will continue throughout the head season. A very proud day for Stuart who has coached them tirelessly.


The winners were:



Beth & Lucy WJ18A 2x Doncaster
Cathal & James J15B 2x Bradford
Emily WJ15A 1x York City
Alex J13A 1x Derwent
Beth, Lucy, Emily & Tilda (& Oisin) WIM2 4x+ Bradford
Izzy & Hannah WJ13B 2x Leeds
Emily & Matilda WJ15A 2x York City
Oisin & Nick J16B 2x Bradford
Izzy WJ13A 1x Loughborough
Katie WJ16B 1x Bradford