The sun was shining  creating a comfortable temperature and a light breeze was in the air. Was this really the time for the Boston Marathon?!

Usually the crews were greeted at Lincoln by less appealing weather conditions but the two Loughborough Boat Club crews were a little more fortunate this year.

With two crews attempting the 50.2km rowing race this year, the Mx.SEN.2x  with Tom Scholefield and Erica Gummery and the IM3.1x with David McCaughan, were certainly in for a challenge.

With both crews having late morning starts the racing carried through into the afternoon, heading for the ultimate goal of Boston.

The first leg of the course threw up an interesting cross wind for the crews but both boats made it to the lock stage in good time and transferred the boats successfully.

Then came the remaining 35km of the race…  With many straights, overtaking and the added challenge of weeds along the way, both crews had to stay focused and determined. Unfortunately at 30km, the weeds got the better of David, who went for a interval swim due to blade snagging. Luckily, only a minute or so of time was lost from the refreshing dip to ‘test’ the water.

After the infamous ’10km straight’ both crews powered through the remaining few km to the shining light of the finish line. Battling through fatigue and cramps the crews kept every stroke going, spurred on by the prospect of drinks and sugary yumminess once out of the boat.

Both crews successfully completed the course with the Mixed Senior Double achieving a time of 4 hrs 8 min 19 sec followed closely by the Intermediate 3 Single coming in with a time of 4 hrs 14 min 6 sec.

Well done to both crews. Bring on next year?!