Loughborough Boat Club Committee Meeting Minutes
Loughborough Boat Club

Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Jonathan Cox, Jeff Hallam, Tim Ives Apologies: Allen Storey


Current: £43,575
Savings: £11,344
Social: £17,621

Question raised on how finances will look after spends on boat and erg room. Of the ~£55kin the current and savings account, £15k has been allocated for the boat and an estimate of £20k for the erg room. This will still leave enough in the account to cover overheads for the year.

Reminded that insurances are due in September and for those with actions to check the schedules. SW, TI and RD to follow up request.

Loughborough Students

Point raised that the club will need to make sure they are in contact with relevant persons from the LSRC committee for the 2021-2022 year. TI, as LSRC liaison, is already in contact with captains and president.

Concern raised that a change to agreement may be required for weekend mornings at 10am to the effect that LSRC members are not allowed on site. Reason being that there are more LBC members following the introduction to rowing course potentially leading to lack of equipment for LBC members. Countered that there is unlikely to be pressure on equipment as LSRC have their own 4s and 8s that can be used and the LSRC members that are down at 10am are by invite from LBC members and those that have reached a competent level. Noted that in reality, this will be minimal numbers and very unlikely to have an effect on LBC members.

Soaring Dragons

Noted that Soaring Dragons are completing a 12-hour row from 6pm Saturday evening to 6am Sunday morning.

Concern raised around location of SD’s boats. Discussed and agreed to propose that SD construct a removable rack to store two of their boats by the slip and the other two on the trailer. Suggestion for LBC to pay for racking was overturned as SD already have a significant reduction in their hosting/storage fees, until 2022.
JC to create guidance on what the racking should be.
KH to communicate to MB (SD).


Contact had been made by a local martial arts club to try a partnership where their members have the chance to row on the water and LBC members have the option to try some classes. Committee agreed that any agreement should be avoided; if the martial arts members want to row, they can pay the membership to LBC and likewise for LBC. Suggested that anyone wishing to try rowing are pointed towards the introduction to rowing course.

Question raised around a plan for competitions and training for the year was raised. Outcome that this is under the Captain’s jurisdiction and the Captain has complete autonomy. Discussion followed to re- establish the Club calendar to include races, club events, social activities and other which will be shared across all platforms used by the club.

TI has base of the calendar from previous year, to update for 2021-22.

Request for a spend on smaller consumables for the club parts cupboard led to discussion to develop a maintenance plan where boats are checked over and assured that they are in good condition. Changes of parts to be completed by the crews under guidance.
RD to check over boats and develop plan.

Purchase of new seats for B.o.C II was raised as a potential issue. Valid reasons for purchase of new seats although clear communication between the approval of the spend was needed. Questions asked if a seat could have been found from the cupboard without purchasing new ones.

Request from KH to go ahead to purchase a new WinTech international 4x/- 60-80Kg boat. Noted that this did not need to be asked and the money (up to £15k) had been allocated to be spent by committee members at the previous meeting. KH to organise.
Boat will be delivered in time for the AGM, discussion to continue on where the boat will be stored and what boat(s) may need to be cycled out.

Facilities Development

Discussions on racking for boats by the launches has been ongoing. Neil and Tom S have both raised this. TI to liaise with Tom and Neil for them to arrange.

Storage of trisoarus raised again. Agreed that a trolley can be fabricated for storage and moving around site.
TI to sort with Tom S

Social Activities

Annual dinner date set for 2 April 2022. SM to share menu with SW and AS. AS to communicate to club.
Club christmas dinner will be 11 December, menu to follow.
AS to communicate details.

Weddings booked for 2022:

  • 21 May
  • 4 June
    Both using whole boathouse.

    Summer ball suggestion raised for summer 2022. Sub/organising-committee will be needed. RD/AS to communicate intention and request for interest to help.

    Coaching, Welfare and Safety

    Noted that it has been positive to see the numbers progressing from the introduction to rowing weekend and the more ad-hoc beginners on a Monday and Wednesday with Neil. Also noted that retention of new

members was in part to the social atmosphere of the club.
KH gave thanks to Neil, SW and RD for the coaching and support ongoing with the beginners.


RD to update link and information on the website for the boat booking Item to be removed from further agendas.


Suggestion to invite Ron Drake to the EGM as an expert on the process to help with questions. Screen to be set up or projector replacement/repair.
SW to contact Ron.


Soar Head
There will be a Soar Head this year ball to start rolling shortly and dealt with by the Head OC. Noted this will be the 30th anniversary of the original Head.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 7 September 8pm

End of Meeting