Present: Stuart Ward, Mary Carswell, Tim Ives, Allen Storey, Jeff Hallam, Sandra Martin, Rebecca Hambleton.

Guest: Mike (SD)

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes were accepted.



General:          £43,476.91
Savings:          £11,324.02
Social:            £13,144.14

The general account currently holds an amount for rowing shoes paid by the members, to be paid to OarSport.

Once final quote/s for septic tank replacement have been received, savings/trustees account balance will be used and then account closed. It was noted that there will be annual charge on sewage and service.

Insurance is due in September, insurance itinerary to be double checked and new engine to be added once repaired. MC, RD, TI to confirm.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Following inventory of trestles and proposal from KH, committee in agreement to purchase two (2) pairs of large aluminium trestles and two (2) pairs of small aluminium trestles. TI to organise.

Following proposal from JC allowing new members to the club an extended non-committal period of time to ascertain whether the sport is for them, it was noted that such an option exists under temporary membership.

“Temporary membership is available for a period of up to three months at a monthly fee, paid in advance, of 1/12th of the annual subscription.”

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Draft “Changing Room Policy” was received. Discussion took place and it was noted that in the Club Constitution reference is made to British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Welfare documents in which a clear changing rooms policy is set out in 4.3 of British Rowing Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy. Working group proposed including TI, SW, VH and KH.


Following Sunday’s event, we have received a note of thanks from the party.

The Fischer Scientific corporate event on 29th September has cancelled and this date will be used as an LBC/SD fun day and end of season get together. AS to email communication of this.

A note of thanks was given to all those who have helped with social events. AS to email with thanks and what external events mean to the club.

Club christmas dinner Saturday 14th December.

External meetings:

No external meetings in the last period.

Soaring Dragons:

MB was invited. Mike shared that SD have secured a grant towards their racing boat, which is due around March, bring the total boats on site to three (3). MB enquired as to the storage fee for this as it will not be used a great deal and could tie in with joint LBC/SD corporate events. MB asked to provide a formal proposal.

After a previous proposal, committee formally approved that SD could use a proportion of their single O1 storage fee in the construction of a simple and temporary structure to hold the O1 boats. It was made clear that this is a one-time thing.


Soar Head 2019 

The date is in the calendar for Saturday 17th November (89 days). Preparations will be starting soon; members reminded all hands will be required.

Loughborough Students

MC, SW, TI and RD met with two representatives from LSRC’s committee. Key points from the discussion:

  • LSRC are looking to return their beginners to LBC with the potential for some of the seniors too to develop the novice infrastructure in the club.
  • They have two (2) 8+, one (1) 4x and one (1) 4+ along with a set of 8+ blades, 2-blades and 4x blades. They are unsure of the current repair of the boats but there is potential for them to bring the boats to LBC where storage fee will reflect this.
  • LSRC members would join as LBC term-time members and be invited to row in with LBC as well as having their own times. This would increase the youth in the club.
  • There would be shared use of equipment between both clubs.
  • Clear liaison persons would be set up with LSRC, the AU and LBC.
  • On coaching, LSRC potentially have access to some coaching through BR. There would be some development of training plans and structures which could be shared between clubs.

LSRC were informed that any agreement would need to be put to an EGM to which representatives of LSRC would be invited.

Upon drafting an agreement for LSRC, based on the one we have with SD, it will be shared for LSRC’s discussion and then with the LBC membership.

AP boat. No response to email requesting payment for overdue fees, MC to follow appropriate course to send documents as hard copy including finding address.

Next meeting:

Thursday 19th September 2019, 7.30pm

End of meeting

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