Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Keith Hudson, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved.

Actions arising:

Environment Agency/boat licensing. A price has been agreed for 8 boats at £13 per boat plus one safety launch, KH to sort forms once they have been received.

Following Harlow’s withdrawing their interest, MC has been in contact with AnyShed, Shardlow. When plans are drawn up they will be shared with the club for a general consultation before finalising.

Extending use of Sportlyzer will be reassessed in April, currently it is going well with juniors but currently there is not reasonable space in the current subscription of up to 25 athletes to extend to another squad.


            General:           £40006.36
            Savings:          £11301.46
            Social:            £10429.33 (+ £409.79)

Main spends from this period are on boat repairs by KH and the replacement wing rigger.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

It was agreed to hire a skip to remove the materials that have been collecting down the side of the club and collection of scrap metal. KH to organise. Within this, KH also to check if the cement mixer is still operational.

Having successfully sold on old ergs and the row perfect and in agreement to previous meeting, approval was given for the purchase of new ergs, one to replace those that have been sold and the second in line with the annual erg cycling. Agreement to purchase both ergs ahead of winter training rather than wait until BRIC in December for the sake of saving a nominal amount.

Point raised to gain a quote for racking for the boat trestles was approved, TI to source quote with decision to go ahead for a quote up to £150.

Boat repairs:

     The following proposal was received from KH for further boat repairs:

“Arctic lite –
Minor structural repair
Hull varnish
Canvas  decks

Endeavour- request for L2R, development and winter training.
Repair split in bow
Varnish hull

Blood sweat & tears – requested to bring into service whilst Woody is repaired.
Varnish hull
Canvas decks

2 mondegos
Make good hull damage & make both user ready.
Worked on whilst watching varnish dry

Had a punctured hull at Burton Regatta.
This is probably the most used 4 in the club and we plan to race it at the 2019 world masters Regatta. It needs extra superficial work to the hull and a quality (not in house) varnish. This is a quality boat that owes us nothing and is very nice to row in.”

Discussion was had over the necessity of all the repairs. In brief, direct approval of work on Arctic Lite, confirmation given that endeavour (large stable coxed pair) would be used significantly on the learn to row courses and in follow up sessions and approval for its repairs. If this does not turn out to be the case, similar works in future will not be approved. In regards to Blood, Sweat and Tears, questions were asked in regards to the price in comparison to the work for Artic Lite, the reason given for the price was that some work had already been completed on the pair. Clarification was given that prices were indicative only and that all work would be completed for the total.
On the topic of Woody, a query was raised around the true ownership of the 4-. KH actioned with getting a formal confirmation or notice of transferal to LBC of Woody. If confirmation that Woody is owned by the club is received, KH to sources quotes and circulate to committee for repair works.

Following the discussion, approval was given for the works on Arctic Lite, Endeavour, Blood, Sweat and Tears and the two mondegos as well as work on BBM 2 seat. A boat inventory to include state of boats will also be compiled with the works by KH together with SW and MC. The preliminary discussion of this was done without the presence of KH.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Two juniors have recently had capsizes, both responded quickly and in line with capsize training. Both capsizes have been reported on their behalf.

Discussion point on purchasing a subscription from ‘Decent Rowing’ was put to committee to aid with coaching and to set a standard for club coaches, the idea being to show the aspect of training that will be focused upon in the session. The subscription includes different levels of rowing for on water, on the erg, land based and training plans. Before proceeding to purchase a subscription, it was agreed that MC would sign up for a trial closer to the start of the winter training and share the log in details.

Previously, we were contacted by a potential coach (Hannah), she has recently gotten back in touch and is still interested in taking up this position and she will be visiting Tuesday and Thursday next week (28th and 30th September) someone to be present to meet and greet, preference of having a crew available too. Captains, KH, SW, TI to organise.

Suggestion to enquire if Hannah would be willing to help with a women’s winter training plan. 


Thanks was given by KH to SM for the work she has done over the year in the social club, with £10,000 now in social account it has been a successful year. TI added that it is not just SM that does the work but all those who help set up for events and run the bar at them.

Soaring Dragons have suggested a joint end of season do and BBQ on October 27th. RD to send email.

External meetings:

Nothing to report.

Soaring Dragons:

Nothing to Report


AB and CB have given notice that they will not have the time to continue with membership secretary role. RD to email out notice of this position open to the club. TI has said he will keep check on the role temporarily.

RYA L2 courses have been looked into further by KH. So far enquiries made at Long Eaton and Swadlincote. Confirmation of course to be sourced and recontact those who previously expressed an interest.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 25th September

End of meeting