Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, David McCaughan, Robert Parks

Minutes from previous meeting: minutes were approved.

Follow up from AGM, Bar Manager and Fundrasing Co-Ordinator club positions were left vacant. Fundraising Co-Ordinator has since been filled by Karen Senior, and Bar Manager is yet to be taken on however, the bar has been running smoothly with the input of members.

Updated action plans to be passed onto DM for website publication.

Finance and fundraising:

Account balances:
General: £13392.85 (includes the sum from old race account)
Soar Head: £365.89
Social: £1700.03
Savings: 11279.76

SW and KH met with Barclays 10 August successfully, resulting in a guide to finalising the accounts. Outstanding statements have been sent and when received, RP will forward on to Christine for final account presentation.

Signatories on accounts have also been cleared up, with only adding new signatories to the accounts to be as follows:
General and Savings account: RP, KH
Social account: KH
RP and KH to organise collection and submission of mandates.

Once all accounts have been sorted and signatories changed, the Soar Head account will be closed and brought into the General account. The majority of spend for the Head race are paid from/into the General account as it is. Figures from the event will be pulled out and shown separately so that we have an accurate figure of profit from the event.

Agreed to reduce the amount of signatures for cheques from 2 to 1, there is enough transparency in the accounts to allow this and cheques are not issued overly often.

Thanks was given to RP by DW for taking the time and working through the issues with the bank and the finances.

After Christine has had a chance to finalise the accounts, they will need to be brought to an EGM for club approval.

Additionally to the account approval at the EGM, an alteration to the Club rules has been put forward as follows:
10: Disciplinary, Grievance, Suspension and Expulsion
Note: “The constitution and proceedings of the Sub-Committees noted above will accord with Guidance Notes, approved by the committee and lodged with the Secretary.”
To change to
“The constitution and proceedings of the Sub-Committees noted above will accord with the British Rowing Guidelines Notes, approved by the committee and lodged with the Secretary.”

Current open grant applications:
East Midlands Airport Fund, £2000 towards a swift Freedom boat (2x+,2+, 3x-).
Successful application.
Charnwood Council, £1500 towards a swift Freedom boat. Expect to hear back 20th August.
Postcode trust fund, £2000
Cash for Clubs, £1000, both towards a new four/quad.

Rowing & Facilities Development:

Remaining tub chairs. 2 have been stripped, 2 are with the upholsters and 2 are yet to be started. In terms of remaining chairs, MC to liaise with KH and SM to sort out what is wanted and what is not.
Long section, recovered by Adam Fairbrother. Payment to be made, RP to organise with Adam.

Gym Equipment
Inventory has been completed, a bar rack has been fixed to the wall, clock purchased. Clear out of gym left to be done. DM and MC to organise posters/notices

Bar renovation
Heavy work of bar renovation has been completed, finishing touches left to be done and at a later date, the floor. Remaining touch ups to be completed in the coming week. The flooring is planned to be done following the completion of the remaining
bar. KH to to bring proposal for new flooring to the next meeting.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Although people are coming to SW to ask for coaching, which is good to see people want to improve, giving only half an hour or so every so often, this is limited to pointers as opposed to long term progression. Considering we have 2 boats available for coaching it would be good to work towards making the most of them and getting members to step up and take some time out of their own training to put back into the club through coaching.

RP and DM trailing some free online software. It has the ability to set up as crews and distribute weekly training plans. Currently trailing it with a few members to see how well it works, setting it up properly for full club use will be a little more time consuming. For full club current involvement, RP to post up Weekly plans in
gym and around club for members to take part.

Gym winter training, RP, KH and DM to confer and decide on winter training plan/schedule. Unlikely to change from previous years.

SW met with Jen. Documents are finished and just need to be printed off.
Additionally, a list of any ailments juniors become to is to be kept securely, Kate Henry to assist. SW check status of his welfare and safety certificate and if required to refresh it. All looking well, ClubMark will be finalised and submitted end of August.

Social Activities:

Upcoming events:
Sat 15th August, DHL BBQ
Sun 25th August, Henry’s Christening
Sat 1st September, Christening
September 19th Wedding, full boat house used
September 27th ARCO fun day.
Both the wedding and ARCO will need many hands on.
Thanks was given to Sandra for all her hard work she puts in to organising and running events.

For all external events, a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) is now required, not just for events that run outside of usual bar license. This requirement has been overlooked up to now. For all future events, for the time being, SM will take the role to apply for
the TENs.

Full rules and regulations for the bar license are to be obtained and understood with the important aspects made away to all those it concerns.

Social committee to look into the license issue and to fill the position of bar manager and report on progress next meeting.

SW was contacted by Loughborough town mayor enquiring about attending annual dinner 2016. Date confirmed as Saturday 16th April 2016.

Following this, Christmas dinner set as Saturday 5th December 2015. DM to add to online calendar.

Website and Communications:

Nothing to report

External Committees/Meetings:

No meetings attended.

Any Other Business:

Boat Rigging
As the rigging of boats is all over the place, RP will take the lead on setting up all boats to club standard rig, with minimal gate height adjustment. Taking one or two boats a week.

Sculls blade rejuvenation
Suggestion to take a couple of pairs of sculling blades at a time, re sleeve and replace handles, costing £60 per pair and £3 for a pair of grips.

Soar Head
Plan to test out the timing software with an intra-club practice. SW to organise.

Next Meeting:Tuesday 7th September 6:30PM, club house.