Loughborough Boat Club Committee Meeting Minutes



Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Jonathan Cox, Tim Ives, Allen Storey, Jeff Hallam



Current:          £33,045
Savings:           £11,344
Social:              £13,496

Significant expenses since the last meeting

  1. Refunds
    1. LBC members                          £839    (25% of L.B.C. membership)
    2. Students                                  £2,535 (73% of L.S.R.C. membership)
  2. Construction of new slipway              £5,136
  3. Renewal of launch berth area            £2,092
  4. Erg room foundation work                 £480
  5. Tree & stump removal                        £540

Shared that Erica has gratefully volunteered to take on the membership secretary role. RD to change setting on ClubHub.

Loughborough Students

Nothing to report.

Soaring Dragons

Nothing to report 


British Rowing guidance has entered Step 2. This allows individuals or households to train in the gym and some outdoor socialising as per government guidance. AS to update LBC guidance and email out to members.

Discussion for 140th anniversary to ear mark an amount of money for a new boat. Consideration will be given to both final cost of erg room and the findings from the poll previously conducted about which boats are wanted by the members.
Proposed that the boat will not necessarily be brand new but second hand. Good quality boats are more affordable second hand and still have plenty of life in them. Suggestion of up to £10k.

Facilities Development

Noted that the decking by the main door has been replaced. Thanks given for improving safety of this area.

Social Activities

Nothing to report

Coaching, Welfare and Safety

One incident report of collision between crews and one capsize since last meeting.

Request from member for reminder about wearing suitably bright clothing to be seen. Committee adding to this to remember to call ‘Head’ for crews and respond in kind.

TI to look around for any suitable kit for all members.


Ex-Soaring Dragon member on site.
It was raised that an individual who had their membership from S.D. has been seen on site bringing their own boat on their car and boating from LBC property. The individual had created a ClubHub account and purchased a non-rowing membership.

Discussion and agreed that, regardless of why the individual had their membership revoked, their membership will not be approved and will have their money returned.

Noted by committee that the individual did not approach L.B.C to request membership and took it upon themselves to try this way. The decision made is in line with the Club Constitution:

  1. Election of members
  2. All membership applications will be put before the Club Management Committee and if it is considered that the granting or renewal of membership would be detrimental to the aims and objectives of the Club, by virtue of conduct or character likely to bring the Club or the sport of rowing into disrepute or for some other similar good cause, the Club Management Committee shall be entitled to refuse or withdraw such membership. In doing so the Committee shall provide full reasons for their decision and grant a right of Appeal to the members.

Agreed that this action supports and maintains a good relationship with S.D.

SW to re-draft letter and circulate before sending on.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 26th April

End of Meeting