Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Keith Hudson.

Apologies: Rebecca Hambleton

Guests: Mike Bushell – Soaring Dragons

Minutes from previous meeting: Minutes were approved
Soaring Dragons:

MB invited as guest to feedback on first year.
The club has managed to stay stable with a consistent core membership which has allowed to train and go on to compete well in open and mixed 500m events. The site is working well for SD allowing them to have open days to attract new members and publicity of SD at Loughborough Boat Club.

They had aimed to have some more put away towards their new boat and trailer at the end of the year, this has not quite gone that way. Passed on that their hosted fees for 2019-202 would be rising slightly in line with agreement (from the £500 for year 1 to £712, subject to AGM subscription approval.) RD to share the proposed fees to MB/SD.

Insurance of dragon boats was raised in regards to the private O1s on site. MB shared that they are covered by BDA membership. MB to pass on confirmation of this ensuring third part is covered to the same extent that LBC members’ private boats are. Also related to O1s point asked for more structural storage of O1s. To be followed up with proposal from SD.

Discussed that it would be nice for both clubs to share in each other’s news and goings on, agreement that SD can use some space on the club notice board and email news drop to be shared time to time.



General: £31926.20
Savings: £11318.88
Social: £11183.11 (Inclusive of £1900 of WRMR deposit) +£409.79 old

RD to transfer balance in old social account to new and close old social account.

Rowing and Facilities Development:

KH and SW to organise replacement of flooring in boathouse and decking to coincide with the work weekend early May bank holiday. RD to email notification. One suggestion for jobs list will be guttering over the balcony/veranda. This will be worthwhile long term to prevent repeat rain damage to decking.

Skip to be hired for Work Weekend. TI

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

See External Committees.


Annual dinner went well, donation of £200 made to the mayor’s Charity Appeal supporting Sense and Woodland Trust. Possibly made in the region of £150 from event.

External meetings:

Safety Meeting 23rd March (SW/RD) and Umpire Seminar 6th April (TI/RD)

  • Backstays to be an addition on CC checks for boats larger than single. UPDATE – National Competitions Committee have chosen not to include the rule in the 2020 Rules of Racing. Clive Pendry (Safety Chair) to re-petition this.).
  •  Change on rules of feet/heel restraints.
    • Main change is that feet/shoes (whichever applicable) are releasable by a single action, shoes with laces and those without a single strap across both will not pass control commission.
    • Heel restraints: as before but extended such that the heel cannot rise further than the lowest fixed point of the shoes on the foot stretcher.

Email relating to these changes to be sent out. TI/RD.

Relating to this change, one pair of shoes in Woody needs to be changed. No use of Woody until shoes are changed. Approval to KH to purchase shoes.


Subscription proposal:
Checked by committee, change of wording from “Boat Racking” to “Boat Storage” to

reflect what is offered by club. RD to add boat storage fees to ClubHub.
RD to email club to notify use of ClubHub and to set up existing memberships.

Query over difference in truck outlays, have there been things for 2018 paid Jan/Feb? Query on what has been classed as “Admin”

Queries to be passed on to Scott.

MC to update spending plan in light of this year and requirements of sewage. Exact cost on sewage to be finalised once SevernTrent have shared schedule.

Next meeting:

AGM 27th April 10:00

End of meeting