Present: Mary Carswell, Don Wix, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, Robert Parks.

Minutes from previous meeting: minutes were approved.

Finance and fundraising:


Social £3232.60

General £10801.66

Savings £11283.99

Main spend recently is for the blades to be revived, around £1000, with permission to continue with remaining blades.

Last statement from 2014 old Soar Head account has been confirmed that it is on its way. With this in place, the 2014 accounts can be finalised. Christine to be asked if she is willing to sign off on them when the statement arrives.

For 2015  accounts everything is in place to be compiled and sent for auditing. Scott Ferris has offered is services to input everything into a spreadsheet based programme which includes columns for separate areas of spending as well. KH to speak to Scott.
If it works well for this set of accounts it will be used from now onwards for the 2016 accounts. This should leave the accounts readily available from as early as January.

RP will talk through the accounts at the AGM.

If available far enough ahead of time, draft accounts to be circulated to club.

Rowing and Facilities:

Set up of boats is appearing to be altered and altered incorrectly. Shims were added under riggers of one boat, intending to lift the rigger, but was not done correctly resulting in an un-rowable boat. With the weather now improving a day will be set aside to sort out rigging of all boats, set to club standard. RP and KH to organise with Tom.

Updates to development plans to be added to website following the open club forum, ahead of AGM.

Looking at moving the fleet forward, Soar Ahead (Lwt 4+) is in need of some TLC, for a spend of between £800 and £1000 to cover refurbishment and some new fittings and fixtures, approval was given.

An estimate of cost for any contingency required for unexpected surprises in club upkeep, e.g. flooring.

SW to assess LBC yahoo group for peer-peer communication about anything club related. Invites to join will go out when everything is set up.

Coaching Welfare and Safety

We have had a couple of capsizes recently, all involved reacted very well and followed their capsize drill training. Good to see it is remembered.

Following up on the “Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Safe” suggestion to get banner printed for above the boathouse doors so people are reminded each time they go out on the water.

People have been failing to sign out their boats this is particularly important if novice or in a single, if no one knows that there is a crew on the water and something goes wrong it could result in no help being given. All crews to be reminded to sign out each and every time.

Social Activities and Events:

Our annual dinner (16th April) went well, with good turn out. and well received by all attending. DW thanked and congratulated SM for all her hard work in organising all aspects of the evening. The Charnwood Mayor and Mayoress have been thanked for their attendance.

Looking forward, plan to have a boat naming ceremony for the new triple training boat and the Wintech double. Suggested name for the new triple was given as ‘Tri-Soar-Us’ or some construct there of. The naming of the Wintech double will be opened up to the club.

Anyone else wishing to partake in naming their own boats are freely invited.

DW congratulated Ian Hepworth on organising the new batch of club blazers, they are all well made, look great and is nice to see so many people wearing them.

External Committees:

Regional Umpire Meeting

Introduced new/updated rules of racing and further followed up on new Personal Ranking Index system of points, with the update to BROE system, full roll out has been put back a year but there will be numerous trial and qualifying events throughout this year.

Soar Head:

Good day in all, everything ran smoothly, both division set off on time or early. because of numbers, the usual 3 divisions were reduced to 2, but this worked out well, spacing out the day. No complaints have been heard which is good.
Live timing was greatly accepted and worked near perfectly, with the minor need to increase the projected area on the wall.



Looking at around 3% increase, rounded up to a nice figure, with juniors still increasing that little bit more, sec to circulate current subscription amounts to be adjusted.

Notification to members that development plans have been updated for AGM.

Role covering PR/Media/Fundraising following David’s departure to be open to the club. A small change in the aspects of the previous role to be approved.

Sec to send a list of current roles and positions to the committee to confirm they are accurate, then put up around club for people with an interest in taking anything on to get in contact with both the existing member, and club secretary if they wish to stand.

When email is sent include a note highlighting that anything members wish to be discussed is to be emailed prior to the AGM.

Date will depend on when accounts are ready, hopefully no later that 3rd/5th May. KH to organise with Scott.

Any Other Business:

KH put forward the idea to appoint 2 ‘monitors’, one for Ergs and one for the coxing cupboard/equipment. Used as a way to ensure everything stays in good working order, clean etc. All happy to allow this 

Next Meeting: Date set at AGM.