06:30 PM

Apologies: Gill Kershaw.
27 voting members present.

Opening Remarks:
SW gave thanks to so a number of members for the work and effort they have put in over the year and especially recently during the period of lockdown and partial return to rowing.

  • To Allen for his effort in all things virtual to help keep the club connected.
  • To Neil for volunteering his time and expertise in reconnecting the electric supply.
  • To Vicky and Nadine for keeping up and encouraging the erg and fitness sessions.
  • To Mary for all of her tireless and often unseen work over her years as Chair, including agreements with Soaring Dragons (S.D) and Loughborough Students (L.S.R.C) as well as the sewage works, which is now fully operational. 

Rebecca was thanked for her time and effort on the accounts and to Scott for his invaluable help over the past years to produce itemised and granular accounts.
RH noted that while there was a notable increase in the account balances from 2018 year end to 2019 YE which has been a result in part of hosting S.D. and L.S.R.C, the balance currently is less, having paid for the sewage and associated works.

Q. Does L.S.R.C pay their own club affiliation fee
A. Yes, they do.

Q. How come there is a large increase in the gas and electric bills from 2018 to 2019?
A. This is due to: increase in rates; increase in general usage with L.S.R.C down; changing our provider, there was an outstanding amount to pay due to previously too low monthly payments.

Acceptance of Accounts proposed by Mary Carswell and seconded by Tim Ives.
Accounts accepted.

Subscription Proposal:
MC outlined the proposal: with lockdown, a subscription freeze to be put in place for a period of three months such that memberships are not due until 1 September at which point 75% of the full year will be due; the early payment discount still applies; no increase in the fees for the 2020-2021 year; payment by instalments still applies as per the table below.

The subscription freeze has been supported by the £10,000 grant from Charnwood which also goes to offset profit from external events.

Payment through ClubHub has been useful for the Club and Committee are in agreement to continue with this.

Q. With changes to the veterinary course at University of Nottingham (Sutton Bonington campus), can committee review dates for student memberships?
A. Happy to do this. MT requested to provide a note on this to committee.

Q. Can the early payment discount be extended due the AGM being later and only five days until 31 August?
A. Extension to 13 September.

Q. Can we have a reminder for ClubHub and how to pay?
A. RD to email document.

Acceptance of subscriptions proposed by Jeff Hallam and seconded.
Subscriptions proposal accepted.

Captain’s Report:

TI gave thanks also to those who helped with the sewage and associated works on site, electrical work and those who have been ready a moment’s notice to help move equipment during the flooding.

The year has been one of excitement and challenges. They year started with a four-day training camp at Peterborough where all involved made improvement which they continued working on and took to the World Rowing Masters’ Regatta in Budapest. At the WRMR, although no medals came back for the Club, this was the largest contingent sent and saw both great racing for Loughborough crews and course times.

It has been so good to see how well and quickly everyone adapted as the nation entered the period of lockdown; keeping in touch, training consistently on ergs and in circuits as well as the coffee mornings. The rowing at home and world erg championships saw Loughborough place 79 out 202 clubs with over 3.2 million metres rowed.

Going forward and out of lockdown, it will be worth strengthening the junior and senior sections of the Club to match the masters’ section, this can be done through learn to row courses which will work best with the help of as many Club Members as possible. With this, a junior vice-captain will be introduced.

Over the next year, two goals we want to see are the erg room completed and Loughborough represented at other competitions, including Heads of the River and the Henley Regattas.

Election of officers:

Following the proposals, all nominees were subsequently elected with no objections.

Members reminded that there are many other key and important roles in the Club which will be updated and circulated following the next committee meeting.


Mike was thanked for setting up at the club for those who attended the AGM in a distanced and physical manner.

Q. What are current thoughts on going ahead with the Soar Head this year? Phase H, open competitions is planned for 10 October

A. Currently a little early to say for certain although everything is in place following cancellation due to floods in November 2019 and lockdown March 2020.

Next Committee Meeting:
Tuesday 1st September 2020, 7.30pm. Loughborough Boat Club

End of meeting