Annual General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club
(incorporating the Annual General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club Social Club)

Tuesday 25th April 2017

Chair: Don Wix


Vicky Haines, Helen Fairbrother, Andrea Beddows, Gill Kershaw, Nick Maker, Shane Freer, Emma Heygate, Kate Henry, Scott Ferris.


 The end of year balances are greater than in past years due to more conservative spending. This extra has primarily come from the bar and social events, all those involved in running of the events and the social committee were given a vote of thanks, supported by all present. Without the contributions from having social events, the club would not have some of the luxuries that it does; membership subscriptions cover the overheads but do not leave a great sum afterwards.

The increase in gas price was due to the club having paid by direct debit following estimated usage. After the gas company checked the meter, the found that the club was underpaying significantly. This has now been rectified by increased monthly payments over previous months and going forward a new direct debit amount has been agreed.

This year, there has been a higher cost on truck and trailer due to servicing and repairs. Currently, the running costs of the trailer are not fully covered by the trailer fees for competitions, something to be looked at in the club management scheme.

Clarification over the gas price increases for the year was asked for. It was confirmed that the amount that was underpaid has been fully paid off and we are going forward with a closer eye on what we use.

 Query over the increase in insurance for the year was raised; were there different premiums or is it a case that we have more to insure now? The increase is due to paying 2 premiums in one year as there was the money available and the treasurer was looking ahead. In the 2016 year, the club has paid both 2016 and 2017 premiums.

On truck expenditure, a request was made for a breakdown of what the truck has had spent on it. The total from the accounts covers tyres, MOT, servicing, insurance. KH to follow up to cover the full breakdown.

 There was one seemingly miscellaneous spend which looks like the club bought a cheque. What is that for? RP to follow up and see what it was for. 

DW gave thanks to all those involved in organising the finances; SF, KH, RP. All members in agreement.

Proposal to accept accounts: KC;
Seconder: JH.

A note on spending plan.

Following the year of minimal spending due to works done during 2015, it was good to see that subscriptions cover overheads and through functions the club can make a significant profit. Using this together with the current development plans, MC and KH have put together a spending plan looking ahead 4-5 years. This spending plan takes into account estimated costs, when it is expected that the work needs to be done and the money that will be available. Spends include; decorating the kitchen to tick off the final point towards the hygiene rating, the floor in the toilets and, as a bigger spend, an erg room extension. Also, within the spending plan there is the aim of what else may be needed to be raised through grants and sponsorship.

Subscription Proposal.

From this year, there is the proposal to set each of the membership types as a percentage of the full membership fee. Additionally, for 2017-2018, a payment by standing order is being trialled; the total amount payable is to be paid over 10 months.

The junior fees are increasing slightly still, following the agreement previously.

A new membership category is being introduced: parent supporter. It was recognised that may of the juniors’ parents make contributions to the club a support in many roles. It was noted that while they do this, and they are thanked for it, they are not necessarily covered by insurance. To rectify this and make them a member of the club, the new subscription type has been proposed. With this, an amendment to bye law 3 – classes of membership.

Point raised that there will need to be a clear definition of what “parent supporter” means.
A parent supporter will mean “the parent of a junior member”.

The proposed membership fees for 2017-2018:

  • Full £285
  • Student (term time) £94
  • Student (vacational) £143
  • Junior £185
  • Gym user £143
  • Coxing £0
  • Parent Supporter £0

Payments by instalments:

Membership category Amount per instalment Total payable
Full £29 £290
Student (term time) £15 £150
Junior £19 £190
Gym £15 £150

Proposal to accept subscription changes: SW
Seconded: ZH
All in favour

Captain’s summary

Going back 2-3 years, the club had its most successful year with over 90 wins. During the 2016-2017 season there were 45, 6 of which from 8s. This shows the development and changing of the club over time. It is clear that we all row for the love and enjoyment of it and do form those crews that take on more long term achievements and the whole club supports each other whatever they are doing

Coming up on Sunday is the first regatta of the season: Leicester, although the Loughborough entry is not overly numerous, for many of those racing it will be their first regatta and hopefully looking ahead to a full season of enjoyment. The club’s current entry for Shrewsbury is looking like a full trailer!

Club Management Scheme (CMS):

As times change, the club needs to move forward and we can’t take on the cost of buying in services to cover everything that is required. If this were to happen, the membership fees would increase greatly, so it comes down to more members taking on a role to support the club. With this in mind, KH has put together a plan splitting up jobs within the club to share out the work.

With time being more precious, the roles which KH can take on is greatly reduced. It is also about sharing the day to day running of the club with everyone involved and sharing out or even learning new skills.

It was pointed out that the CMS is not something directed or run by the committee, but something to be run by all members and peers. A lot of clubs are in a similar situation to LBC; attention was drawn to think about the clubs visited during competitions.  The idea is to choose one or two roles that you are willing to do. Each role is just as important as the next in the day to day running of the club. Some of the roles are throughout the year, others are at certain times and not all roles demand the same time or effort input.

Already it has been seen to be working; while cleaning the changing rooms, a light was not working so said member checked the job roles sheet and spoke with the electrician. Now the problem is sorted.

This is something that is being proposed to be trialled for the year and hopefully will be a success. If it is not, then come next AGM we will look at why it hasn’t been and how it can be improved. There have already been many sign ups which is great to see!

The future direction that the club takes depends on all of the club members

A question covering the requirement for materials towards jobs was raised: “how do we go about sorting materials?”
The system for this is to plan what is required, cost it up and feedback to committee for approval. It is unlikely that anything that is required and in the spending plan will be refused, it is more to keep the spending plan up to date.

As the CMS is split into different categories, there will be times through the year when representatives from the teams will be invited to feedback to the committee. A lot has changed in the past 35 years and much more will change going on.

Question covering club wins and how they are tracked was brought up: “Are we still tracking club wins? How about wins against entries?” people are still going to regattas and heads, let’s report back on that too.

With the new positions and teams on the CMS, it is likely that there may be some rearrangement to how the committee is run.

Motion to formally adopt the CMS.
Proposer KH
Seconder CH
All in favour.

DW gave appreciation to all that KH has done for the club over the years.

Election of Officers

DW stated that he will be stepping down after 10 years as president, echoing his statement from the 2016 AGM. In his place he proposed Stuart Ward as president.
Seconded by KH

Chair: Mary Carswell
Proposed by CH
Seconded by KH

Proposed by DW
Seconded by JH

Treasurer: Rob Parks
Proposed by TI
Seconded by AM

Captain: Keith Hudson
Proposed by JS
Seconded by TI

Social Secretary: Sandra Martin
Proposed by ZH
Seconded by JS

Covering the position of Coaching, Welfare and Safety, following Stuart Ward’s change of role, Tim Ives was willing to take on that role with a focus on the coaching.

Proposed by KH
Seconded by MC

Communications officer: Andy Martin
Proposed by MC
Seconded by ZH

Head of Soar Secretary: Stuart Ward
Proposed by MC
Seconded by TI

Other Business

Safety notice from SW.

Recently there have been a few incidents on the water and a reminder to all members that even in the sunnier weather there is still the need to wear bright clothing to be seen. Over winter nearly everyone has been wearing something bright which has been great to see. A reminder also that all crews should be keeping a good look out, at least 1 in 5 strokes; 2 boats rowing towards each other can close a 100m gap in that time, by which point it can be too late to do something about it.

KH gave many thanks to all that DW has done for the club since he has been a member. DW has been on the committee in varying roles since 1982 when KH joined and he was club and regatta secretary for 47 years previously.

3 cheers for DW were asked for and received.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 16th May 2017, 7.30pm

End of Meeting