Annual General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club
(incorporating the Annual General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club Social Club)

Chair: Don Wix

Apologies: Gill Kershaw, Jen Smith, Jen Taylor, Tim Ives, Charlie Henry, Kate Henry, Dianne Hope-Cokayne.

As of yet the accounts are not 100% complete but the option to continue with the AGM following the remainder of the agenda and holding an EGM when accounts are audited was taken. The EGM will ideally be within 2 weeks. Thanks was given to Scott Ferris for all the time he has put in on compiling the accounts, there were 1 or 2 slight problems which arose and were not able to be resolved suitably in time for the AGM. If they were to be presented at the AGM they would currently only be in draft format and a second meeting would be required anyway.

There was a need for a new approach to the accounts for members and committee to have an ongoing oversight of them, whilst this could have been done externally and a large sum paid to someone, Scott offered his services. The changes include a realignment of how expenses and receipts can be presented and using some accounting software covering relevant expenses areas.

The bank hasn’t been a great help either and has held up the account finalisation, but all statements are now present and queries that have been raised are being addressed.


All the accounts are in good shape even with the larger spends this in club improvement, most notably is the repair/replacement of the landing stage at around £8000. Other larger spends have been on the fleet. Closing balance the accounts for 2015 was £26,942 in comparison to that of 2014: £32,300.

– Question asked regarding the 2014 accounts and what has happened with them.

Getting the few missing statements out of barclays has been a long, slow, arduous task but now everything has been received and both 2014 and 2015 accounts will be presented at EGM.

Minutes from 2014 AGM were not brought to this meeting, they will be included in the EGM for confirmation.


The recommendation from the committee as set out below was accepted following a proposal by Kevin Carswell seconded by Andy Hill:

  • Full subscription £260
  • Student £140
  • Vacation Student £90
  • Junior £155
  • Gym User £140
  • Non-rowing £70
  • Racking of sculling boat £80
  • The £10 early payment discount has been extended to 30th June 2016 following the later than usual AGM.

The price of subscriptions are still inline with neighbouring clubs with juniors increase that small amount more than the other memberships. The committee will assess the ability to include quarterly and monthly subscriptions to brought to the next AGM for approval.

Captain’s Summary

Zoe Hudson and Tom Scholefield were thanked for their continued help and support in their roles as vice captains, particularly to Zoe with the large number of the women’s squad. Looking forward hope to have an increase in the number of men coming through the doors. This year has been more of a development year, following the huge record success of two years back. There has been a lot individual progress made and crews have begun to be formed, hoping to see a successful over the coming seasons.

This coming year there will be focus on fleet development and improvement. the updated development plans reflect this. Following the success of the 2014 Soar Head and it alone funding the new WinTech 2x/2-, the 4 – Soar Ahead will be sent for refurbishment this year.

To now, around £1000 has been spent on blade refurbishment, the remainder of the blades will be refurbished soon. The new triple/ coxed pair has been a good addition to the fleet for training purposes and has been well used by all.

All the time taken through out the year to keep the club and facilities in good shape has served us well, it is the building and club room in particular that sells the the building for external events where a good proportion of the club’s income. Together with input from more members we can build on this success and make even more of our club.

Thanks was give to Stuart Ward for all his help in coaching juniors and seniors alike through out the year.

Don Wix raised appreciation of all Keith’s hard work and that of the other members that keep the club running. It takes a lot of effort but the more people who lend a hand the easier it will be.

Change to Role of Communications Officer:

The motion to amend the role of Communications officer as per previously distributed information, incorporating in the way of external communications with the local community and towards fundraising and sponsorship, was proposed my Mary Carswell and seconded by Keith Hudson.

Election of Officers:

Don note that should he be re-elected as President, it would be his last year in that role. Also with the writing talent in the club and photography it would be wonderful to see race reports making back into the Echo each week.

No objections were received for any of those standing for election and were duly accepted, with changes in the role of Membership Secretary and Bar Manager. Communications Officer, Press Officer and Fund-raising Co-ordinator received no nominations.

Other Business:

A coaching availability sheet has been produced and is on the club room notice board. Those willing to coach can put their names down when they are available members can then simply sign up when they want coaching. Additionally Stuart will run some intra-club launch driving sessions, increasing the number of people within the club who can drive the launches.

Date of Next Meeting:

The date of the next meeting will be set following the EGM.

End of Meeting