Annual General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club incorporating the Annual General Meeting of Loughborough Boat Club Social Club

Apologies: Robert Parks, Gill Kershaw, Zoe Hudson, Mike Targett, Jerry & Emma Heygate.
Opening Remarks:
Don Wix congratulated and gave thanks to the club members for all they have done in the past year, hosting events and keeping the club organised, including:
The change of committee structure and how well it appears to be working.

  • To the captain and vice captains for the support they have provided through the year.
  • All the people involved in the redecorating of the clubroom, such tasks don’t happen without drive an dedication, nor overnight.
  • To all the race winners and how they have represented club, as well as all the upcoming promising juniors and new members.
  • To the fact we have 6 club umpires, and the responsibilities behind it.
  • To Sandra for running all the social vents throughout the year.
  • To Kate Henry for all her press work and race reports.

Mary commented about the change of committee structure. It has been easier to get the whole committee together and has resulted in concise, definitive discussion. Sub-committees are working
well and well and feedback is positive. As it is working well the current structure is to be continued. With fewer members there is greater proactivity, however this is not to say that it is open to more
positions. this does depend on people having the drive to do it.

Soar Head account has only income and no expenditure?
Out goings for the 2014 Soar Head will appear in the 2015 Account audit as there has been a short lag in settling invoices, but all is now paid and sorted.
Social and general accounts are all accurate however they need to be finalised following receipt of remaining statements. Issues have been had with Barclays whilst changing treasurer/account
Why is there transactions fro the social club, food and events in both the General and Social account?
– This is in part due to the transition from the previous way in which the accounts were kept to the more accountable method in which the only expenditure from the Social Account is for social
Attention was brought to the significant decrease in income from subscription between 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 season totalling nearly £3800. If there is another drop such similar to this, the club
could be heading toward financial difficulty.
The presentation of accounts and finalising of accounts will be organised following a meeting between the auditor (Christine Agar), Treasures (Keith Hudson and Robert Parks), Mary Carswell. Along with stating what is required by when for full auditing in time for the AGM.

Subscription Review:
All subscriptions except junior are to remain the same. With zero inflation it was deemed acceptable to maintain the current price. The rise in junior subscription is continuing what has been
previously agreed to bring the junior subscription inline with surrounding clubs. This rise fairly reflects all that the juniors receive. Whilst current subscriptions keep the boat club afloat with an
excess each year, if numbers drop more money and funds are going to have to be raised through other sources, such as the social club which is currently doing very well.
Motion to accept the subscription change was approved.

Captain’s Summary:
Praise was given to all winners throughout the year, managing to total an unexpected 71 wins. Reflecting the change in demand for the club, purchase of several boats: lightweight 2xs, heavyweight 2x/-, and heavyweight 1x. improving the availability of boats and meeting club needs.
As club membership changes, the club needs to evolve, this is done gradually and by involving many members. Currently we have 10 people keen to take part in the next Lear2Row course, keep
as many who want to continue and bring them into the club encouraging them to participate in more activities from an early date.
It has been great to see so many helping out and volunteering around the grounds and building, maintaining the club. A request for everyone to give just 5-10 mins a week doing something around
the club, it won’t go unnoticed and will keep the club going.
Things will not and cannot be the same or allowed to stagnate, nor should they. Over the last 15 years as captain, things have been built, created and kept in place to encourage the club to move
on. Anyone who wishes to try stepping into the role of captain is welcome to come and talk about it.
With changes at home, “he who must be obeyed” (Henry), more will have to be done by more people, as Keith won’t be able to make it down as often as he’d like. Over the past 10 years, there have been very few regattas and head races that he hasn’t towed the trailer, to cover this it would be ideal to have a pool of people able and willing to tow the trailer.
Another note, the replacement of the landing stage will commence on Tuesday (5/52015).

Election of Officers:
Nominations, and propositions were received for all positions apart from Bar Manager and all positions were duly approved and elected. The position of Fundraising Co-Ordinator was left open and non-elected as it is a role that committee felt was one which people should not be forced into and which people who have the motivation are welcomed to come forward and suggest anything, and allowed to take a lead on it.

Other Business:
Development plans for 2014-2018:
Although current plans on the website are dated for January 2014, plans are actually readily evolving and simply not being updated on the website. From next committee meeting all plans will be regularly updated.

Vice Captain Roles:
Thanks was given to all the work done by the captain and vice captains, however it was raised as to why the vice captains are chosen by the captain, not elected by the members. Previously vice Captains did not exist in the club, but as the club has grown they were required. With the responsibility of the role it would be nice to see the vice captains voted in and chosen by those who they will govern and not simply chosen by the captain.
The Club Rules are written that the vice-captains are selected by the current captain and those chosen are chosen because they can be relied on. It is of the belief that if vices were elected, it could lead to friction and separation of the club.
It was given that just because there are named vice captains, does not mean by any length that no-one else shouldn’t take a lead in forming crews and taking on a role akin to vice captaincy.

A note on safety:
Please ensure that any incidents which occur on the water are at least reported in the club incident report book for our own records. When on the water please keep a look out and check ever 5 strokes for other boats, regardless of safe distance please call “head” and a respond accordingly to acknowledge the presence of others.