Loughborough Boat Club AGM
(incorporating the AGM of Loughborough Boat Club Social Club)

Tuesday 29th April 2014

Chair: Don Wix

Minutes taken by Mary Carswell

Apologies were received from Jo Coulson, Jerry Heygate, Emma Heygate, Tim Ives

Opening remarks

The Chairman noted that Nick Maker and Dev Taylor had stood down from their Committee roles and expressed thanks on behalf of the Club for the work they have done as officers of the Club over the last few years.
Treasurer’s Accounts for 2013

Comments were made that this was a transition year as the way in which the accounts are being kept is being streamlined with the social club account being restricted to costs directly associated with social activities. It was commented that the trustee account cash was held in anticipation of future purchases and the intended use of this would be clarified further as part of the work on the Development Plan and associated spend. The accounts of the Club and of the Social Club were discussed and accepted following a proposal by Kevin Carswell seconded by Nick Maker.

Subscription Review

The recommendation from the committee as set out below was accepted following a proposal by Kevin Carswell seconded by Jeff Hallam:

  • Full subscription £250.00
  • Gym User £135.00
  • Student £135.00
  • Vacation Student £85.00
  • Junior £120.00
  • Non-rowing £65.00
  • Racking of sculling boat £75.00
  • As an incentive for early payment there will be £10.00 discount on all subscriptions other than non-rowing and racking, received by 31st May 2014.
  • Family Discount – a discount of 10% off the fees due applied to a household of 3 or more. The 3rd and 4th junior from the same family would be free.
  • NB post dated cheques after 31st May does not entitle the member(s) to the discount.

Captain’s summary of 2013/14 activities and results

The Captain, Keith Hudson, summarised the ethos of the Club, the importance of a friendly approach, and how things had improved over the years. The Club is still evolving which is a good thing. He recognised that some people may want to make changes and the Club does need to change and adapt which it has managed to do. He reminded members of the importance of communication and how important it is to alert him to any concerns and ideas/suggestions. He described the last year as our most successful ever in terms of wins. Members need to enjoy themselves but also put the training in for competition if we are to do well. The year saw a record number of wins so achieving the same level this year may be difficult but it is important that we aspire to continue at that level. The Club is dependent on the willingness of members to help and get involved. The camaraderie that we manage to achieve is an important aspect of the Club’s ethos and important that we maintain that. The Captain confirmed arrangements for the weekend in Coniston for 17/18 May.
Pete Kinnell proposed a vote of thanks to Keith for all his work over the last 14 years as Captain which was supported by those present.
The President reinforced how important the contribution of all members is to the running of the Club.

Proposed changes to operation of committee

The proposal to reduce the size of the main committee and support it with teams reflecting the Development Plan themes together with a small change to the Club Rules was discussed and accepted following a proposal from Zoe Hudson seconded by Dave McCaughan (further details appended for reference). It was agreed that this approach should be tried for one year in the first instance in order to evaluate the new approach.

Rule 6 ‘Management’ now becomes:

That the Club be managed by the President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Regatta Secretary, and a committee of a maximum of eight Members, to be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. 50% plus one Members of the committee to form a quorum.

The officers of the club as listed above to be ex-officio Members of the Committee. Full discretionary powers of organising and managing the club shall be vested in the committee.

In the event of a vacancy occurring, such vacancy may be filled at a Committee meeting. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt such additional Members as may be deemed necessary.

Loughborough Boat Club Development Plan 2013 – 2018

Mary Carswell explained that work was well underway on the different Development Plan themes and that the updated plans are available on the website. Rob Parks explained about the review of the Club finances and how steps are being taken to make the finances clearer and simpler to manage. Members were reminded of the importance of ensuring all refreshments are paid for as some stock loss has been evident.

Election of Committee and other roles 2014/15

Nominations were made and approved as on attached list. No nominations were received for Secretary and it was agreed that discussions would take place outside the meeting with any members who may be willing to take on this important role.

Any other business – none

Date of the next Committee Meeting
Tuesday 13 May 2014