Loughborough Boat Club are delighted to be able to congratulate Stuart Ward on his recent honour bestowed by British Rowing of 2013 Volunteer Award Winner for the East Midlands Region overall.

Stuart was awarded this tribute at the 2013 British Rowing Volunteer and Coach of the Year Awards which took place at Watermen’s Hall in the City of London, an event to reward the achievements and dedication of rowing volunteers and coaches. Dressed in his smartest suit, Stuart accepted the award from Gary Harris, Deputy Chairman of British Rowing with Geoff Nicholls, Chairman of the East Midlands.

Stuart was honoured with this award due having dedicated his adult life towards rowing safety and education and has worked endlessly to develop guidelines used throughout British Rowing to keep rowers safe.

In true Stuart modesty, news of this award only came to light when he informed us that he wouldn’t be able to coach the Juniors one Saturday as he would be away for “lunch” that day. Little did we know that lunch was in fact ”luncheon” with the British Rowing Chairman, Annamaire Phelps and others of the upper echelons within the rowing world. We are all enormously proud of Stuart and are very grateful that he is continuing to support both the adults and juniors at Loughborough Boat Club.


(photos by Simon Way – British Rowing Magazine)