A ‘Wiered’ Head Race

Advice for competitive rowers: always read the small print before entering a head race.  In the case of Newark, it stated that ‘Crews should note it is an 8.5 km row to the start’.  Clearly this was not heeded by any of the Loughborough Masters, who had only homed in on the fact that racing […]

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Soaring Success at ‘Soar Head’

On Saturday, Loughborough Boat Club hosted their annual rowing race on the River Soar, with 93 boats from 18 rowing clubs competing to be crowned ‘Head of the Soar’.  Generally referred to as ‘The Soar Head’, the event saw crews racing over a 3 kilometre course in ‘time-trial’ format. 

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Pot Hunting Don Hunts Pots at HuntingDon
Mas.2x at Huntingdon Head

In a sneaky move, Mike and Scott broke away from the mainstream to try and find glory at the Huntingdon Head.  Alas, a twisty river and some faster opposition put paid to their plans but valuable experience was gained on this unfamiliar stretch  of water. 

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Ladies Take on Thames at Pairs’ Head

Pairs head is a particularly difficult race held on the Thames each October. The nature of small boats and potential autumnal conditions can make it a tricky course yet Erica and Zoe decided to take ‘Therapy’ on board and head for the Capital. 

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LBC Strikes Gold at Stourport’s Treasure Island
Women's IM2 8+ at Stourport regatta 2017

It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ world at LBC when it comes to crew selection. Jerry turned his back for a fraction of a second only to find that Nick had jumped into his seat at Bow and snaffled a Saturday pot in the Masters D Coxed Four. Jerry claims he is not jealous because he […]

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LBC Go for a Burton
Winners from Burton Regatta 2017

The camera never lies, so it is said. But closer examination of a recent photo of the victoriously bemedalled Loughborough Masters Mens Coxed Four would seem to contradict this assertion. For a start, Charlie looks as though his chest is actually wider than his waist. 

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