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Club Wins 2011/2012



13 Soar Head J18 1x Tom Scholefield
12 Soar Head J15 2x Danny Walder Charlie Macnamee
11 Soar Head J16 1x Scott Boardman
10 Soar Head MxIM3 2x Rachel Grewcock Scott Boardman
9 Soar Head W Nov 2x Beth Henry Lucy Agar
8 Soar Head Nov 2x Mark Meacham Thorsten Kampmann
7 Stourport Head 4000m J16 2x Rachel Grewcock Scott Boardman
6 Stourport Head 4000m W Nov 2x Beth Henry Lucy Agar
5 Stourport Head 4000m Sen 1x Tom Scholefield
4 Stourport Head 4000m J18 2x Tom Scholefield Tom Gee
3 Burton Head 3500m MC 8+ Ian Hepworth Andy Hill
Mike Targett Jerry Heygate
Richard Goodwin Nick Maker
Mark Meacham Andy Martin
Osin Mcnally-Reilly cox
2 Burton Head 3500m Sen 1x Tom Scholefield
1 Burton Head 3500m MxMasB 2X Keith Hudson Zoe Poyner

President’s Day 2011

On Sunday 25th September, Loughborough Boat Club Members congregated down at the Boathouse to celebrate the President’s Lunch.

This was a chance for all members to celebrate the Club’s past, current and potential future success.

With Shirts and Ties and Dresses in the plenty the band of merry members were in high spirits and took the opportunity to make the most of this occasion, even marking the event with a Club photo.

Speeches at the ready, the President, Honorary Members and Men’s captain took the time to reflect on the Club’s developments over the year and a remarkable Regatta season for LBC.

Furthermore, there was also special mention to the Boston Marathon crew in recognition of their contribution to local charity LOROS, to which they have currently raised £866 towards the cause.

All in all it was a enjoyable tradition that is hopefully renewed for years to come.


Loughborough Boat Club row a Marathon in aid of LOROS

On Sunday 18th September an LBC crew emerged from the clubhouse ready to embark on one of their biggest rowing challenges they have faced this year.

With the unfortunate discovery that the Boston Marathon had been cancelled, due to un-rowable conditions, the crew were in dismay. However, the crew where not deterred by these unfortunate circumstances and took it upon themselves to organise their own event.

With spirits high and the charity funds exceeding their target of £750, for LOROS, the crew took to the water at 8:15 on Sunday 18th September. Rowing for a nonstop 5 hours the crew reached a remarkable 54.8km that was accumulated by the crew’s lengths of the River Soar.

Why not view our video to see our epic challenge.

The Crew would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their help and support over the last few weeks with both the training and all of the donations received. You have all made a real difference to help support of local charity of LOROS.